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319 Mill Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601*


*Appointments also available in New Paltz

Employment Law

Making the Workplace Work


With extensive knowledge of workplace issues and concerns, we assist employers in crafting and maintaining policies which safeguard the integrity of their workforce.


Our focus is to help clients comply with state and federal laws while insulating them against exposure to employee claims and lawsuits.  Clients may take advance of an audit of of their employment practices and policies, including compensation packages, human resources practices, hiring, employee discipline procedures, contracts, and employee handbooks.  We also draft employment and severance agreements and guide private, non-profit and public employers through adversarial proceedings, arbitrations and mediations.

We offer investigative services in the event that clients become aware of potential misconduct, including harassment, discrimination or other forms of misconduct.  We will review clients' policies and practices, meet with witnesses, and provide a comprehensive assessment of the claims, with recommendations as needed.  Workplace mediation services are also offered.

While preventing litigation is the goal, our courtroom experience on behalf of employers and individuals permits full representation should it become necessary.

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