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Mediation/Arbitration Services

(For Commercial Disputes)

 Trials are not always always an efficient or cost-effective way to resolve a dispute. As an alternative, we offer mediation and arbitration services as an often faster, more controlled, and more affordable option.



Under the rules of arbitration, parties agree to present their arguments to an independent arbitrator rather than to a jury. The arbitration process can be a single session of presentations from both sides and often results in significant cost savings over other forms of negotiated litigation. We either serve as independent arbitrators selected by the parties, or as members of a panel.  


Mediation involves an independent, neutral mediator who establishes the rules of the negotiations and serves to establish the foundation for evidence and arguments between the parties. Mediation sessions can be as short as a few hours or be spread out over several sessions. Mediation allows both parties to retain control of the final resolution and can result in significant cost savings over court litigation. 


Fees are charged on either an hourly or daily basis. Please call for more information.

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