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Neutral Workplace Investigations

Law Office of Laura Wong-Pan PLLC provides neutral workplace investigations.


Municipalities and other employers have a legal obligation to investigate and, if necessary, to remedy and resolve discrimination or other complaints of workplace misconduct. Often a neutral third-party investigator who is not involved in the situation and does not represent either side is important to ensure an unbiased and thorough approach. 

We complete workplace investigations in connection with claims of: 

  • Employment Discrimination;

  • Sexual or other forms of harassment; 

  • Bullying and psychological harassment;

  • Failure to accommodate;

  • Conflict of interest;

  • Workplace health and safety issues;

  • Retaliation;

  • Policy breaches;

  • Other legal violations.

Our process is to interview witnesses, gather and evaluate relevant records or communications, and complete a written report which includes findings of fact, conclusions as to whether the complaint is substantiated, and recommendations if requested.


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